Back from my travels

Ok, so I admit, my diet is way off track. I’ve gained back 2 or 3 pounds. When I came home from my travels, Yancy had a bunch of Cougar Cheese in the fridge (very expensive and yummy cheese made in Pullman, WA). Of course I had to eat some. A bunch. And since I was eating cheese, and I had already been eating poorly during my trip (with perfectly valid excuses), I might as well squeeze in all the junk foods I’ve been avoiding, like mac&cheese and BBQ ribs… Well, my stomach has had enough and I need to get back on track. So today is Day # 1…. again…. for the third time….

I had a fabulous trip to Montana to spend the weekend with my sister and mom. I took the train from Seattle and Mom boarded in Wenatchee. I have to whine a little bit…. not a fan of sitting on a train for so long. The trip was 13-14 hours and I couldn’t find a comfortable position to sleep. I was tired and sore when we got off the train. But after some breakfast, a nap, and a shower, I was ready to go. Saturday was my sister’s 30th birthday. We’re 10 1/2 months apart, so technically we’re both 30 right now. And that means I’m not allowed to boss her around until I’m older again.  😛   She lives in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen, Kalispel, MT. Lakes and mountains everywhere! We spent most of the weekend driving around to different lakes. And eating food. I loved it. Check out some of the pictures I took with my iPhone.

This week I’m really busy working on homework. I basically have a week and a half left to finish 2 huge projects. I won’t be done with my internship before the end of the quarter, but the teacher has agreed to let me finish up my hours and get my certificate later in the summer. Oh, and I get to start looking for a job next month! I’m still on unemployment, but as soon as I stop full-time classes, I have to be actively searching for a job. Life could get real interesting in the next few months. 🙂

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Still at it

Here goes Day #4 of my Whole 30. I’ve had a few very tiny cheats, but nothing I’m feeling very guilty about. We went out for breakfast yesterday and I ordered a “ratatouille omelet.” Lots of yummy veggies, with a tiny splash of goat cheese (I was able to scrape most of it off). I substituted the potatoes and toast for some bacon. This morning I added bacon bits to my egg & mushroom scramble. This is only a cheat because pretty much all bacon is prepped with sugar. But bacon is a rare treat and it’s not like I’m eating a doughnut, so I’m not going to worry about it too much.

Yesterday I decided that I’m not going to attend classes during the summer. It doesn’t look like I’m going to have enough hours to complete my internship class before the end of the quarter. So I won’t technically graduate in June, but once I finish up my hours, I’ll still get the credit and the certificate. This means I get to start looking for a job in June. Whoo hooo! Actually looking forward to getting out of the house on a regular basis and bringing in my own paycheck.

Tonight we’re going out on the town with our cousins who are coming to visit us. Should be a lot of fun. They’re staying in a hotel so we get to hang with them tomorrow morning too. Unfortunately Yancy is on call for work, so it kind of limits what we can do. He has to respond right away to any pages and must be within internet/cell phone range (that rules out movies and hikes).

Wish me luck today! There’s going to be some tough food/drink choices….

Starting “Day 2” again…

My diet went really well yesterday! I made a huge pot of veggie/chicken soup last night. Other than the broth and a can of tomatoes, everything else was fresh. YUM! And I’m very excited to announce that I learned how to make my own mayonnaise and ranch dressing (from the book’s recipes). I love this healthy eating. It makes me feel good on the inside, and also proud of how self-sufficient I can be.

The only problem is that I was very sedentary yesterday. I had a bunch of homework to catch up on after being so busy last week. Today I’m going for a walk with my friend and hoping to do some weeding in the yard. I’ve actually been craving exercise lately… weird huh? Hopefully tomorrow I can attend the Power Sculpt class at the college gym.

Well, I better get a little schoolwork done before my walk.  🙂

Catch up

I got really busy and distracted, so the blog got dropped. I’m still here! The Whole 30 program was going really well for a while, but I kinda dropped the ball with that too. I didn’t go on some crazy eating/drinking binge, but some processed foods definitely made their way into my diet. Traveling makes it hard to eat healthy. Especially because old habits die hard. In the past Yancy and I used travel as an excuse to eat whatever we want. The “obligatory purchase” at gas stations where we used the bathrooms was almost always junk food… which is pretty much all those kinds of stores carry. We made a spontaneous trip to visit family this weekend and struggled with those old habits.

BUT, today is a new day! I’ve decided to start the 30 day program over again. The only problem is that I am already doubting my resolve. We have family visiting next weekend, and the following weekend I’ll be traveling again. But I’m just going to give it my best shot. I actually lost 6 pounds already and feel much better. A six pound loss is two weeks is really good! There are times when the food decisions are really hard, but overall, I feel pretty confident with this kind of eating. Plus I see some of these changes as long-term. One of the things that surprised me is how much I don’t miss bread! And my hunger/cravings have really lessened. Most days I don’t feel hungry again within a couple hours of eating like I used to.

Enough talk about dieting…. I also have other exciting things going on. As I mentioned earlier, we made a trip to visit our parents this weekend. It was a total surprise to my mom. She’s having a tough time lately missing her mom and worrying about her dad. I can’t really do much for her, but hopefully just being there helps. Healing takes time. It was great to visit with Yancy’s dad too. The weather has been unnaturally hot in Washington state. The Okanogan county hit mid 90’s last week! Luckily it had cooled off a bit during our trip, but it still felt like a nice summer visit for me (minus the mosquitoes).  🙂 The rivers are all flooded and the pond by the farm was overrun with frogs. I’ve never heard them so loudly before!!!! I loved it! On the way home we drove through one of the craziest storms I’ve seen… complete with lightning and rain so heavy that it nearly stopped traffic. People were literally lined up on the side of the road trying to wait it out. Visibility was awful and wind gusts pretty much blinded you. Yancy’s a great driver though, and I felt safe with him.

I’m trying to figure some things out about my near future. I’d to take 2 more classes at the college during summer quarter. Both will help with my career goal of working as a project manager in the non-profit field. The main concern is funding. And since I am on unemployment, I am not sure how all the legalities will work out. I have started an internship with a neat organization called Skate Like a Girl. They are completely volunteer-led now and growing. I’ll be helping with documentation, writing manuals, preparing for paid staff, and increasing revenue. It should be some hard work, but fun and rewarding. Who knows, maybe I’ll even learn how to skateboard. 😛

I have a ton of pictures to upload, but going to keep it short today because I really need to get back to my homework.

Our Seattle Works volunteer team that worked at the food bank Saturday morning.

Our Seattle Works volunteer team that worked at the food bank Saturday morning.

We had dinner in Pateros, this was the view from my seat (Rivers Restaurant).

We had dinner in Pateros, this was the view from my seat (Rivers Restaurant).

Mom loved her lilies. Happy Mother's Day!

Mom loved her lilies. Happy Mother’s Day!

We visited the damn on Sunday afternoon (can't remember the name, just out of Oroville).

We visited the damn on Sunday afternoon (can’t remember the name, just out of Oroville).

I love water!!!

I love water!!!

Yancy's dad & uncle

Yancy’s dad & uncle

Healthy dinner of elk steak, salad, and peppers with hummus.

Healthy dinner of elk steak, salad, and peppers with hummus.

Day 3 was a success

After my little “mess-up” on Thursday night, I was able to get right back on track. Yesterday (day 3) was a success. I had scrambled eggs with portabello mushroom again… (gotta find another breakfast option than eggs). We figured out that the salsa we have is Whole 30 safe, so we dressed the eggs up a bit. Lunch was salad with avocado, tomato, and olives (all of a sudden I feel like I’m repeating myself… I think I already posted this yesterday). Ah well, I still have to tell about my yummy dinner! I marinated some little tuna steaks in fresh lime juice/olive oil/cilantro/garlic/red pepper/black pepper/& dash of salt. Then broiled it in the oven. YUM!!!! This was served with a sweet potato (which I put some salsa on) and some peas. That dinner hit the spot! Even Yancy didn’t get his late night munchies. The meal was healthy, super easy to prepare, and filling!

We had a lazy night at home watching tv shows on Netflix. We love “Eureka!” Today we’ve slept in and I’m procrastinating cooking breakfast. It’s a beautiful day in Seattle and I’m hoping to go for a hike bike ride.  :O)


I did really well yesterday until dinner time. After running errands and working on homework all day, I was feeling tired by the time I needed to be thinking about dinner. Seriously, just making food decisions all day can be exhausting! Last night was the last class of a 4 week series I took called “HandsOn Leadership.” Dinner is included in the class. I could have brought my own dinner with me, but got lazy. So I just at what they served. It was a vegetarian meal with pita bread, salad, some pasta, and a few other appetizer things that I don’t know the name for (greek I think). It would actually be considered a healthy meal, but it included several foods not on my plan.

So I screwed up on day 2. But it was only one meal and I’m already back on track. Breakfast today was scrambled eggs with portabello mushroom and some salsa. Lunch was a salad with avocado, tomato, and some olives… no dressing. Snack was more olives and some applesauce. Dinner will be tuna steaks with lime & cilantro served with a baked sweet potato. Desert is a mango.  🙂

I’m honestly doubting if this is going to work for me. But I’m going to keep reading the book and keep giving it my best shot.

Starting “Day 2” with a smile

I think I did well for my first day of the Whole 30 Program. I made scrambled eggs with portabella mushrooms for breakfast, served with sliced apple. Lunch was an interesting experiment of a chicken/broccoli/basil sausage from Whole Foods. It didn’t smell great while cooking and had a strange texture because it was at least two thirds broccoli, but it still tasted pretty good. The main problem with combining the meat and vegetables like that is that you feel like you’re eating less food. I ate another apple and was full before I could finish it. Snacks during the day were some mixed nuts, smoked salmon, and applesauce. (I’m seeing an apple theme here…)

Dinner was another experiment. We found chorizo sausages at Whole Foods and decided to grill them on the BBQ. We’d never eaten chorizo sausage by itself, but it was actually very tasty, and filling. We also grilled some asparagus to go with it. YUM!! Yancy and I went for a nice walk around the neighborhood last night after our little BBQ. Then we had a relaxing evening.

I haven’t been eating super healthy in the last few weeks, so I know my blood sugars are on a roller coaster ride. At times I feel like I’m so hungry, but an hour or two later I’m fine. These first few weeks of the program are going to be really hard! I’m already fighting cravings, which are not a psychological weakness, but hard-wiring of my brain because of past food choices. I’m reading through the book It Starts With Food for extra motivation. I really want to do this program the right way so that I can get rid of cravings and overcome self-destructive eating habits.

I’m not sure if it’s my imagination, or the fact that I got to sleep in & my husband is working from home today, but I’m actually feeling better this morning! I slept well last night and can’t wait to get outside and enjoy some more sunshine today. Only bummer is that I have my last laser tattoo removal appointment today. It’s not a super pleasant experience. I just keep reminding myself that when this tattoo is gone, I’ll feel more confident in wearing cute, low-neck shirts again.  🙂

Sorry for the not-so-pretty pictures… Here’s my sausage experiments from yesterday:

Funky broccoli/basil/chicken sausage for lunch

Funky broccoli/basil/chicken sausage for lunch

Dinner: chorizo sausage & asparagus from the grill

Dinner: chorizo sausage & asparagus from the grill