Starting “Day 2” with a smile

I think I did well for my first day of the Whole 30 Program. I made scrambled eggs with portabella mushrooms for breakfast, served with sliced apple. Lunch was an interesting experiment of a chicken/broccoli/basil sausage from Whole Foods. It didn’t smell great while cooking and had a strange texture because it was at least two thirds broccoli, but it still tasted pretty good. The main problem with combining the meat and vegetables like that is that you feel like you’re eating less food. I ate another apple and was full before I could finish it. Snacks during the day were some mixed nuts, smoked salmon, and applesauce. (I’m seeing an apple theme here…)

Dinner was another experiment. We found chorizo sausages at Whole Foods and decided to grill them on the BBQ. We’d never eaten chorizo sausage by itself, but it was actually very tasty, and filling. We also grilled some asparagus to go with it. YUM!! Yancy and I went for a nice walk around the neighborhood last night after our little BBQ. Then we had a relaxing evening.

I haven’t been eating super healthy in the last few weeks, so I know my blood sugars are on a roller coaster ride. At times I feel like I’m so hungry, but an hour or two later I’m fine. These first few weeks of the program are going to be really hard! I’m already fighting cravings, which are not a psychological weakness, but hard-wiring of my brain because of past food choices. I’m reading through the book It Starts With Food for extra motivation. I really want to do this program the right way so that I can get rid of cravings and overcome self-destructive eating habits.

I’m not sure if it’s my imagination, or the fact that I got to sleep in & my husband is working from home today, but I’m actually feeling better this morning! I slept well last night and can’t wait to get outside and enjoy some more sunshine today. Only bummer is that I have my last laser tattoo removal appointment today. It’s not a super pleasant experience. I just keep reminding myself that when this tattoo is gone, I’ll feel more confident in wearing cute, low-neck shirts again.  🙂

Sorry for the not-so-pretty pictures… Here’s my sausage experiments from yesterday:

Funky broccoli/basil/chicken sausage for lunch

Funky broccoli/basil/chicken sausage for lunch

Dinner: chorizo sausage & asparagus from the grill

Dinner: chorizo sausage & asparagus from the grill


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