I did really well yesterday until dinner time. After running errands and working on homework all day, I was feeling tired by the time I needed to be thinking about dinner. Seriously, just making food decisions all day can be exhausting! Last night was the last class of a 4 week series I took called “HandsOn Leadership.” Dinner is included in the class. I could have brought my own dinner with me, but got lazy. So I just at what they served. It was a vegetarian meal with pita bread, salad, some pasta, and a few other appetizer things that I don’t know the name for (greek I think). It would actually be considered a healthy meal, but it included several foods not on my plan.

So I screwed up on day 2. But it was only one meal and I’m already back on track. Breakfast today was scrambled eggs with portabello mushroom and some salsa. Lunch was a salad with avocado, tomato, and some olives… no dressing. Snack was more olives and some applesauce. Dinner will be tuna steaks with lime & cilantro served with a baked sweet potato. Desert is a mango.  🙂

I’m honestly doubting if this is going to work for me. But I’m going to keep reading the book and keep giving it my best shot.


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