Day 3 was a success

After my little “mess-up” on Thursday night, I was able to get right back on track. Yesterday (day 3) was a success. I had scrambled eggs with portabello mushroom again… (gotta find another breakfast option than eggs). We figured out that the salsa we have is Whole 30 safe, so we dressed the eggs up a bit. Lunch was salad with avocado, tomato, and olives (all of a sudden I feel like I’m repeating myself… I think I already posted this yesterday). Ah well, I still have to tell about my yummy dinner! I marinated some little tuna steaks in fresh lime juice/olive oil/cilantro/garlic/red pepper/black pepper/& dash of salt. Then broiled it in the oven. YUM!!!! This was served with a sweet potato (which I put some salsa on) and some peas. That dinner hit the spot! Even Yancy didn’t get his late night munchies. The meal was healthy, super easy to prepare, and filling!

We had a lazy night at home watching tv shows on Netflix. We love “Eureka!” Today we’ve slept in and I’m procrastinating cooking breakfast. It’s a beautiful day in Seattle and I’m hoping to go for a hike bike ride.  :O)


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