Starting “Day 2” again…

My diet went really well yesterday! I made a huge pot of veggie/chicken soup last night. Other than the broth and a can of tomatoes, everything else was fresh. YUM! And I’m very excited to announce that I learned how to make my own mayonnaise and ranch dressing (from the book’s recipes). I love this healthy eating. It makes me feel good on the inside, and also proud of how self-sufficient I can be.

The only problem is that I was very sedentary yesterday. I had a bunch of homework to catch up on after being so busy last week. Today I’m going for a walk with my friend and hoping to do some weeding in the yard. I’ve actually been craving exercise lately… weird huh? Hopefully tomorrow I can attend the Power Sculpt class at the college gym.

Well, I better get a little schoolwork done before my walk.  🙂


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