Back from my travels

Ok, so I admit, my diet is way off track. I’ve gained back 2 or 3 pounds. When I came home from my travels, Yancy had a bunch of Cougar Cheese in the fridge (very expensive and yummy cheese made in Pullman, WA). Of course I had to eat some. A bunch. And since I was eating cheese, and I had already been eating poorly during my trip (with perfectly valid excuses), I might as well squeeze in all the junk foods I’ve been avoiding, like mac&cheese and BBQ ribs… Well, my stomach has had enough and I need to get back on track. So today is Day # 1…. again…. for the third time….

I had a fabulous trip to Montana to spend the weekend with my sister and mom. I took the train from Seattle and Mom boarded in Wenatchee. I have to whine a little bit…. not a fan of sitting on a train for so long. The trip was 13-14 hours and I couldn’t find a comfortable position to sleep. I was tired and sore when we got off the train. But after some breakfast, a nap, and a shower, I was ready to go. Saturday was my sister’s 30th birthday. We’re 10 1/2 months apart, so technically we’re both 30 right now. And that means I’m not allowed to boss her around until I’m older again.  😛   She lives in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen, Kalispel, MT. Lakes and mountains everywhere! We spent most of the weekend driving around to different lakes. And eating food. I loved it. Check out some of the pictures I took with my iPhone.

This week I’m really busy working on homework. I basically have a week and a half left to finish 2 huge projects. I won’t be done with my internship before the end of the quarter, but the teacher has agreed to let me finish up my hours and get my certificate later in the summer. Oh, and I get to start looking for a job next month! I’m still on unemployment, but as soon as I stop full-time classes, I have to be actively searching for a job. Life could get real interesting in the next few months. 🙂

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