Almost Friday!

I’m having one of those weeks that seems to drag on so slowly. It’s probably because I’m looking forward to the end of next week… and being done with most of my schoolwork. There are several huge projects due early next week. Then it’s Yancy’s birthday and we have a few things planned. Next week should be pretty fun… just gotta make it through this one!  😛

The diet is just “ok.” Made a few bad food choices this week, but I’ve also been walking everyday, so maybe my calorie needs are actually a little higher. The weather in Seattle has been downright gorgeous this last week. Today I went out to the yard and laid down on a blanket for a while. We’ve been seeing some hummingbirds around, but they are pretty hard to get a good look at… very shy. It was nice to sit quietly outside, breathing the fresh air, and listen to the birds.

Yancy and I have decided to take a yoga class. We were going to start tonight, but decided to wait until the next introduction series starts (because we’ve already missed the first two classes). So that will be mid-July. I’m looking forward to it. I find myself getting out of breath just walking up hills these days, so I need to ramp up the exercise a notch.

Check out some flowers I saw during my walks this week:

No idea what kind these are...

No idea what kind these are…

My favorite colors of roses

My favorite colors of roses

Isn't it amazing?!?

Isn’t it amazing?!?

Daisies :)

Daisies 🙂


Nice Saturday

Yancy and I went for a nice long walk around our neighborhood and Green Lake today. It was warm and tons of people were out at the lake. For a moment, it even felt like summer. 🙂  Our healthy dinner was a super success. I marinated some chicken cutlets in a tandoori sauce and Yancy grilled them on the BBQ. I also roasted some red potatoes with a load of spices on them and steamed some kale.

We had fun watching the Sounders game, which they won despite terrible reffing. I was able to get a bunch of homework done, and even take a little cat-nap. I’d say it was one fine day!

Green Lake

Green Lake – looking forward to swimming here soon



So CUTE!!!!

So CUTE!!!!

YUMMY dinner  :)

YUMMY dinner 🙂