Bee in my pants, yes it happened

Yancy and I started some organization and packing today. Closing day & moving day for the new house are less than 2 weeks away! I had hoped to do a little more work over the last week, but, well you know how it goes… Sometimes I get something similar to writer’s block… but only with cleaning projects. Just getting started is the hardest part!! Having time scheduled for this and Yancy home to help is exactly what I needed to get going! We already have four boxes packed and a huge pile of yard sale stuff to donate. Feels good to have made some progress, and now “the big move” seems a little less daunting.

We also did some yard work today. I pruned branches off of the giant flowering tree that has taken over half the lawn. Somehow I managed to get a miniature bee in my pants (it must have flown up from something I stepped on). I felt a couple little stings on my thigh and assumed that something had poked through from the outside and maybe left a thorn or stinger stuck in the cloth. So I stepped inside to pull my pants down and find it. In the process I felt a few more stings down my leg and when I got the pants far enough down the little bastard bee-fly thing went flying into the house!!! The little welts from the bites or stings were gone within a few hours and we later found the thing crawling up the curtains… and Yancy made it disappear. Yes this is what happens when I decide to do yard work… and the new house has a much bigger yard… yipee…

Tomorrow is going to be filled with more busy work around the house. I don’t mind. It’s nice to spend time with my husband and just get things done. I love purging the house of the extra clutter we’ve accumulated. Today we emptied about 2 garbage bags full of clothes from our dressers, imagine what we can accomplish tomorrow!   🙂


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