Today marks “17 weeks” of my pregnancy. Only 3 more weeks until the halfway point and the big ultrasound to examine our baby. Since this is my first baby, I wasn’t expecting to feel movements for another week or two, but I’ve already felt some! They started several days ago, but I thought it was just my imagination. Then on Saturday I was laying down to rest after a bunch of packing and cleaning and I definitely felt the baby moving around. As soon I started talking it stopped. This is pretty exciting. I can’t wait to see the baby on ultrasound and hopefully find out its gender.

My mom told me stories about when she was pregnant with me and I would get hiccups. I’m really looking forward to having that experience. 🙂

I really miss my grandma. It would have been fun to call her on the phone and tell her all about my experiences.


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  1. Nita
    Aug 26, 2013 @ 08:35:56

    That’s awesome! I remember the joy it brought me when I first felt my babies move. I wonder if later on when the brain in more developed can you start teaching baby? Can they be born knowing the music you listen to? Your voice, your laughter?


  2. amylynnwho
    Aug 26, 2013 @ 08:45:22

    They say the baby learns to recognize certain voices and take comfort in familiar things like certain songs. Things are going to get fun in a few months. 🙂


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