Pics coming soon

Ok, I think it’s safe to say that we’re fully moved in! Yancy has already done a few little projects around the house (like fixing the shower faucet, the toilet, pruning the palm trees, and clearing the blocked rain gutters). And tonight I’ll be doing my last personal project of making curtains for two of the windows (with the help of a friend). I’ll be taking pictures and posting tonight or tomorrow.  🙂

I forgot to mention that I got to hear my baby’s heart beat out loud for the first time this week. At previous appointments the doc couldn’t find it with the doppler, but was still able to see it with ultrasound. This time I got to hear the whoosh, whoosh, whoosh! The baby has a nice strong heart beat and seems to be pretty active at times. I’m getting more and more excited about the 20 week ultrasound! :O)

I better get off the computer now since I’ve got a little more house cleaning to do. We’re having our first dinner guests tonight. It’s gonna be stewed pork chops, rice, and salad. Then curtain making!


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