I went through a stage in life where I would make “New Year’s Resolutions” every January (I think this was my late teens, early 20’s). Like most people, I dropped most of mine. But those were usually the dramatic and unrealistic ones. Lately I tend to set new “intentions” for myself each year around my birthday. And it’s been kind of fun looking back through journals and realizing how many of those intentions became reality… things like owning a motorcycle and doing a full marathon. When we frequently and realistically ponder the things we really want and what would make us happy, it’s easier to make those things happen. This year I don’t have any lofty goals, but I do intend to do a few things. First, I’m gonna do the best I can at this adventure called parenting. But this year I also want to focus on my own identity, and not loose it to motherhood. I want to pay attention to my health and fitness (one concrete goal is to do another half marathon this year). I want to spend time meeting new friends and holding tight to old ones. I want to find ways to be creative and express myself (one good way is through writing). Sooooo, I guess I’ll start blogging again. It’ll probably be mostly about raising my son, but I’ll try to incorporate some of my more personal growth journeys too.


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