I made some seriously yummy breakfast today. Oatmeal with a chopped up peach, half water and half sweetened almond milk, and a generous sprinkle of cinnamon. It turned out watery and not so pretty, but wow, it tasted great! I usually have a hard time finishing a serving of oatmeal, but this time I ate the whole thing. Yay for peaches!!!!  🙂


Starting “Day 2” again…

My diet went really well yesterday! I made a huge pot of veggie/chicken soup last night. Other than the broth and a can of tomatoes, everything else was fresh. YUM! And I’m very excited to announce that I learned how to make my own mayonnaise and ranch dressing (from the book’s recipes). I love this healthy eating. It makes me feel good on the inside, and also proud of how self-sufficient I can be.

The only problem is that I was very sedentary yesterday. I had a bunch of homework to catch up on after being so busy last week. Today I’m going for a walk with my friend and hoping to do some weeding in the yard. I’ve actually been craving exercise lately… weird huh? Hopefully tomorrow I can attend the Power Sculpt class at the college gym.

Well, I better get a little schoolwork done before my walk.  🙂

Day 3 was a success

After my little “mess-up” on Thursday night, I was able to get right back on track. Yesterday (day 3) was a success. I had scrambled eggs with portabello mushroom again… (gotta find another breakfast option than eggs). We figured out that the salsa we have is Whole 30 safe, so we dressed the eggs up a bit. Lunch was salad with avocado, tomato, and olives (all of a sudden I feel like I’m repeating myself… I think I already posted this yesterday). Ah well, I still have to tell about my yummy dinner! I marinated some little tuna steaks in fresh lime juice/olive oil/cilantro/garlic/red pepper/black pepper/& dash of salt. Then broiled it in the oven. YUM!!!! This was served with a sweet potato (which I put some salsa on) and some peas. That dinner hit the spot! Even Yancy didn’t get his late night munchies. The meal was healthy, super easy to prepare, and filling!

We had a lazy night at home watching tv shows on Netflix. We love “Eureka!” Today we’ve slept in and I’m procrastinating cooking breakfast. It’s a beautiful day in Seattle and I’m hoping to go for a hike bike ride.  :O)


I did really well yesterday until dinner time. After running errands and working on homework all day, I was feeling tired by the time I needed to be thinking about dinner. Seriously, just making food decisions all day can be exhausting! Last night was the last class of a 4 week series I took called “HandsOn Leadership.” Dinner is included in the class. I could have brought my own dinner with me, but got lazy. So I just at what they served. It was a vegetarian meal with pita bread, salad, some pasta, and a few other appetizer things that I don’t know the name for (greek I think). It would actually be considered a healthy meal, but it included several foods not on my plan.

So I screwed up on day 2. But it was only one meal and I’m already back on track. Breakfast today was scrambled eggs with portabello mushroom and some salsa. Lunch was a salad with avocado, tomato, and some olives… no dressing. Snack was more olives and some applesauce. Dinner will be tuna steaks with lime & cilantro served with a baked sweet potato. Desert is a mango.  🙂

I’m honestly doubting if this is going to work for me. But I’m going to keep reading the book and keep giving it my best shot.

Starting “Day 2” with a smile

I think I did well for my first day of the Whole 30 Program. I made scrambled eggs with portabella mushrooms for breakfast, served with sliced apple. Lunch was an interesting experiment of a chicken/broccoli/basil sausage from Whole Foods. It didn’t smell great while cooking and had a strange texture because it was at least two thirds broccoli, but it still tasted pretty good. The main problem with combining the meat and vegetables like that is that you feel like you’re eating less food. I ate another apple and was full before I could finish it. Snacks during the day were some mixed nuts, smoked salmon, and applesauce. (I’m seeing an apple theme here…)

Dinner was another experiment. We found chorizo sausages at Whole Foods and decided to grill them on the BBQ. We’d never eaten chorizo sausage by itself, but it was actually very tasty, and filling. We also grilled some asparagus to go with it. YUM!! Yancy and I went for a nice walk around the neighborhood last night after our little BBQ. Then we had a relaxing evening.

I haven’t been eating super healthy in the last few weeks, so I know my blood sugars are on a roller coaster ride. At times I feel like I’m so hungry, but an hour or two later I’m fine. These first few weeks of the program are going to be really hard! I’m already fighting cravings, which are not a psychological weakness, but hard-wiring of my brain because of past food choices. I’m reading through the book It Starts With Food for extra motivation. I really want to do this program the right way so that I can get rid of cravings and overcome self-destructive eating habits.

I’m not sure if it’s my imagination, or the fact that I got to sleep in & my husband is working from home today, but I’m actually feeling better this morning! I slept well last night and can’t wait to get outside and enjoy some more sunshine today. Only bummer is that I have my last laser tattoo removal appointment today. It’s not a super pleasant experience. I just keep reminding myself that when this tattoo is gone, I’ll feel more confident in wearing cute, low-neck shirts again.  🙂

Sorry for the not-so-pretty pictures… Here’s my sausage experiments from yesterday:

Funky broccoli/basil/chicken sausage for lunch

Funky broccoli/basil/chicken sausage for lunch

Dinner: chorizo sausage & asparagus from the grill

Dinner: chorizo sausage & asparagus from the grill

Whole 30 starts tomorrow!!

Here’s a description of what I’ll be doing, starting tomorrow: Whole 30 Program   I’ve been contemplating this for a few weeks since my aunt posted it on FaceBook. I tried the Paleo diet for a while and felt great on it. But as usual, life circumstances happened and I let bad food habits creep back in. In fact, while I was thinking of this program, I was already planning on cheating before I even started! I was thinking of excuses like: “The only way I can eat salad is with dressing on it… so my creamy salad dressing will be one of the things I allow.” And I was thinking I’d keep using regular butter, because “I really only use it on sweet potatoes, and that small amount can’t hurt anything right?” Well, after reading back over the article, especially the “tough love” part towards the bottom, I’ve decided that I better just do it right.

I’ve been really struggling to loose weight. And I’ve had some crazy skin issues lately, breakouts that are really small skin infections instead of normal zits. My digestive system could use some help too, but I’ll not go into that online. 😛  My energy levels are pretty low at times and I know it’s related to diet and quality of sleep. My blood pressure is technically in the normal range, but it’s still higher than my “normal” with the lower number at 80. With a family history of heart disease, I feel that I need to hurry up and get healthy now.

So today I’m publicly committing to do this 30 day challenge of eating whole foods. This means no lattes (which have crept back into my life) and no breads. No alcohol. No dairy products. Not even peanut butter.  😦

I know it’s going to be hard. But I think I can do it. I’ll post on my blog every few days to let you know how it’s going. Feel free to call or text throughout the 30 days to send encouragement!  🙂


Proud of my grade ;D

Sometimes it’s the small things in life that make you smile. This morning I read an email that one of my instructors sent out to the whole class. He said that he had graded the recent assignment pretty strictly and the average score was a C+ so I was worried about what my grade was going to be. Well I was pleasantly surprised when I found the note “Well done! Grade=A” on my assignment! 100% baby!  :O) Maybe this project management thing is going to work out really well after all.

Still trying to decide where to focus my energies for an internship and future job. I have several interests and there’s lots of opportunities in Seattle. One idea is to stay in healthcare and maybe get a job working at one of the cancer research clinics in Seattle. Another idea is to follow the money in the tech field… like Amazon or Microsoft. Also, I’m interested in construction and remodeling, especially green remodeling which is a growing industry right now. Wow, so many options! I’m reaching out to friends right now trying to arrange some informal interviews with project managers in different fields to get a better idea of the pro’s & con’s of each.

I went out for breakfast this morning with Yancy and enjoyed a giant latte… the last I’ll be drinking for a while. In January I gave up alcohol (all except one night) and for February I’m giving up most dairy products. I’ll still eat yogurt, but no milk or cheese. This is going to be really hard because I really love cheese. But I also love wine and was able to live without it for a month. The hardest part will probably be the lattes I’ve been overindulging in lately. During the dark winter months I find myself much more addicted to caffeine. Wish me luck!  🙂

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